Lucky Sun Light

OldEarth Records

LuckySunLight produced and published by OldEarth Records.

Original Music by Matthew A Unwin, aka TheSunnyMachine. 

The first album, LaLoveLi, is an extremely personal project as the entire album was written while Sunny was going through a very difficult health journey.  

Finding the motivation to heal and become the best possible version of himself, he wrote and recorded this album with the intention of changing his life around. 

This album's songs were originally written to be played live and the album attempts to keep the spirit of a live performance while still expressing the feeling of a recorded and produced album.  

Future albums will be written and recorded with different intentions.  Sunny hopes to find a group of other musicians to write and perform with moving forward! 

You can watch Sunny write, record, and perform music live on twitch

Contact Sunny for a gigs / collaboration!